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The Presidential Library Tour/i.e., WHAT THIS WHOLE THING IS ALL ABOUT

You know how people are always saying, hey, wouldn’t it be cool to visit all the major league baseball stadiums?   I’ve always said, hey, wouldn’t it be cool to visit all of the Presidential Libraries?  That’s just the kind of guy I am.  And this summer, alas, the dream becomes a reality as I take a mammoth summer road trip to visit each of the thirteen Presidential Libraries, with a few interesting diversions on the side, and a question uppermost in mind – what is it that determines a President’s reputation after he leaves office?  Why do some President’s rise high above their approval ratings at their time in office, while others sink like a stone?  What roles do the libraries have in the never ending battle, the argument without end, regarding these presidents and their reputations?

I take off from Philadelphia and drive, first, to Hyde Park, in New York, to visit the FDR Library.  From there I go to Boston to see JFK, then to Michigan for Ford.  Lincoln comes next, in Illinois, and then Hoover in Iowa, Truman in Missouri, and Ike in Kansas.  Nixon and Reagan will greet me in LA, LBJ and Bush in Texas, after which I’ll go on down to Arkansas Clinton, to Atlanta for Carter, and then, after a brief stop in DC, back home to Phillie.

So come along with me as I visit the Presidents, ask some questions, seek some answers, and keep my eyes out for good Mexican food.

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